FloorBridge SL 15/08

FloorBridge® joint profile SL 15/08Heavy-duty, prefabricated polymer floor joint profile in carbon fiber composite construction for slim joints.


Product characteristics

  • metal-free, therefore non-corrosive
  • can be grinded several times
  • suitable for heaviest load
  • hardly noticeable vibrations while driving
  • backrest-friendly for forklift drivers
  • reduced stacking costs (wheel bearings, tires, etc.)
  • tight coating connection possible
  • waterproof version possible
  • low installation height
  • individual color design (coatable)
  • can be driven on after a few hours
  • temperature- and weather-resistant


FB_SL15_08Fields of application

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial buildings
  • Car manufacturers and supplier companies
  • Production plants
  • Multi-storey and basement car parks
  • Shopping centers and supermarkets
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Event halls and school buildings
  • Pharmaceutical industry (production and distribution)
  • Food industry (production and distribution)



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