Board of directors

Leopold_Leitner Hans_Voet
Leopold Leitner, born 1965
Managing directorLegally sworn authorised expert
for resin coating and concrete repair.
Hans Voet, born 1954
Managing directorHolder of various patents in the industrial flooring sector.

After 10 years of successful cooperation, Leopold Leitner and Hans Voet, both leading specialists in their areas, developed a completely new product for a solution to any joint problem. This development culminated in the application for a patent and the registration of the brand name.

Executive assistant to CEO

Monika Lanzersdorfer

T: +43 7233 200 30


Production manager

Gerhard Emerstorfer

T: +43 7233 200 30-12

Head of Sales, Technical consultant

Stefan Trichlin

M: +43 664 88 18 29 91


Sales in Germany

Martin Müller, Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. (FH)

M: +49 (0)177 24 58 813